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Sharr Travel Contact Sharr Travel Contact
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Travel terms

Travel conditions


Passengers can make their bookings in Sharr Travel offices or partner agencies.

Reservation of seats can also be made via email or phone numbers. You must provide your personal information such as name, surname, desired destination, email, and contact number.

Following these steps, our staff will confirm your booking them through email or telephone.


Payment is made at the time of withdrawal of the ticket by the passenger.

Payment can be done through bank deposit or cash award of either the Sharr Travel offices or the offices of our partners.

Making changes

For the case of any change in travel from our side (change of schedule, etc.), you will be notified in advance by our staff.

In the event of any change to travel by your side, you need to call our offices a few days earlier.

Ticket bought back not once but can be used if there is vacancy in any other desired trip.

Departures and delays

Passengers must be at the departure minimum 15 minutes earlier.

If you are not in the country of departure on time, then the agency earns the right to cancel your ticket, and no responsibility on her return.


During the realization of the trip, the passenger must have with him the ticket and necessary travel documents.

In case of any irregularities in the documentation of the passenger, the agency is not responsible to return the payment.


For any complaint of any kind on the journey, the passenger should be immediately reported to the offices of Sharr Travel, contact us by phone, or email us at our official

[email protected]

Sharr Travel is travel agency registered in Kosovo with operating license and abroad . For bookings and confirmations please contact our office through the contact page . Materials published on this page are owned by Sharr Travel and may not be used without authorization .

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